Working in Teams

Student Keys to Success

Find out what previous students have discovered to help their teams be successful:

KarenKaren's Key to Success:
Daily Communication

Working with a group of other students to design and build a website was something I'd never done before. Our schedules were all busy. We communicated mostly by e-mail and using the group discussion area. We all agreed to check e-mail and the group area every day. This communication really helped us to stay on track and create a great project on time.


JamesJames' Key to Success:
Regular Meetings & Summaries

Our group decided to meet each week in person. Sometimes we'd meet in the computer lab, sometimes in the Student Center. We worked together and everyone volunteered for tasks. Something that helped a lot was always writing a summary of the decisions at the meetings and sending it out in e-mail. This way there were no misunderstandings. Our project was a success and the teamwork experience is something I can talk about in job interviews.